Getting Started

We're excited to have you participate in Cudos India Hackathon and build innovative projects with cutting edge technology! This document is meant to serve as a guide to setting up and building with Cudos and taking advantage of the enormous decentralised compute power!

For starters, lets get some of the basics right:

What is Cudos?

Cudos is a proof-of-stake blockchain network consisting of a suite of user-friendly tools that enable users to engage with its platform as both consumers and suppliers of computational power but in a decentralised manner. Most importantly, developers using this network can set up nodes, create wallets and build smart contracts. That said, with initiatives such as the Cudos India hackathon, they are encouraged to develop entire decentralised applications in a slew of general purpose Turing complete programming languages and which will be listed in the CUDOS marketplace.

Developer Resources :

Below you will find all the code and instructions you need to successfully initialise and launch a local node, write a smart contract and interact with it.

Get started!

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